Siftric was created when we decided that we needed a secondary forum to ventilate our thoughts and opinions. The idea was to have a space without ties to other companies where we could share our experience and give back to the community.


Said by Daniel on a downhill adventure

We are a pair of senior IT consultants, and we feel that there are a lot of contributions we can make to your daily consultant life.


Said by Niclas on a downhill adventure

On this site, you will find articles and guides that are relevant to you as an infrastructure Consultant, which hopefully will guide you in the right direction for being better at your job.

These are some examples of content that will bring clarity to you

  • How to work with Agile Project Management
  • What is Kanban and how does it work
  • Relevant tools to becoming more efficient

Niclas Andersson

I am a consultant with a special love for structure and order. I’ve always been good at taking notes for myself but also to support others in my team.

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