How To Become More Efficient as an Infrastructure Consultant

How To Become More Efficient as an Infrastructure Consultant


In this post, we will explore the tools and methods that will help you become more focused and productivity as an Infrastructure Consultant. The goal is to learn how to become more efficient as an Infrastructure Consultant in our projects.

We will focus on mindset and small things you can use in your everyday life, which will help you get better results with your projects.

Tools and Methods

This section will list our favorite tools and methods that we use daily.

We base the list on personal experience from multiple assignments and tasks from our careers.


Kanban is a lean framework that allows you to manage tasks and improve your results, usually used withing Software Development. Read more about it here.

The point is to break up the project in smaller, more manageable tasks that you assign time estimates to and delegate to the team.

It is important that the tasks are short, about 4 hours, and with enough detailed information to eliminate any confusion.

Focusing Tools

One thing that disrupts your work the most is when you get interrupted by notifications, colleagues or other unwanted distractions.

A great way to stop this from happening is to enable Focus Assist in Windows and wearing headphones with music.


Taking notes is one of the best ways to learn a new area. Every time you write something down it increased the likelihood that you will remember it later.


These tools and methods will help you improve, adapt, and overcome and how to become more efficient in your work.

One example of this could be a Windows as a Service project, where you implement the routines and processes you require to keep up with the pace of new windows releases.

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